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Threadlock and retainer anaerobic products

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Threadlock , retainer and sealer products for locking threads on all metals and some grades for use on plastics and other surfaces, industrial thread lock and sealants, retainers are for bearings locking of shaft grades bearing fit etc.

Threalock and retainer products are single part products based on complex blends of dimethacrylate, methacrylate and polyurethane methacrylate resins with complex accelerator and curing additives.

Formulated to set in the absence of air on metals ( grades for use on plastics also available ). Unlike low quality `old-fashioned` formulations these products will even cure rapidly on `in-active` metals such as zinc , chrome plate etc..

STAR-LOC Industrial Anaerobic threadlock and bearing / shaft retainer are the best that you can buy

Also available are a range of threadlock and retainer anaerobic product primers, degreasers and acelerators to clean and prime inactive or dirty surfaces to ensure a rapid strong cure under even the harshest of conditions.

The most popular grades are listed lower on this page, for full list of grades see aditional sub catagorys threadlock, retainer or gasket sealers