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Fuel tank sealer for motorcycle bike car lawnmower petrol diesel alcohol fuel leaking repair rust

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large pack 750ml

Fuel tank repair product, 
Now in solid colour to hide repairs

Leaky fuel tank.....Look no further!
Ideal for classic cars, motorcycles, tractors etc
Easy to use DIY repair with professional results every time

StaraSeal is an easy to use product formulated especially for sealing metal fuel tanks.

Simply blend the 2 parts together and tip into your tank, slosh it around to coat all sides.
Staraseal will find any leaks and soak deep in between the parts, and coat all surfaces giving a chemical resistant liner to the tank, no edges to lift like a patch this product coats to form a new chemical resistant tank lining, a permanent job...Every time!

Suitable for all metal fuel tanks
Suitable for use with all fuels, Petrol, Diesel, Methanol, Ethanol, Nitromethane, Gasohol, Bioethanol etc
Waterproof and resists most other chemicals 

Many fuel tank sealing compounds are not resistant to high levels of alcohol many will break down with greater than 10% concentration of alcohol in a fuel, blocking filters , fuel lines and pumps etc , StaraSeal will not degrade even with 100% alcohol fuel.

Ideal for vintage motorcycles , tractors, cars , lawn mowers , bikes , generators etc. Easy to use repair product for rusty or leaky metal tanks

Easy to use
Now in solid colour to hide repairs
Full instructions supplied on pack
MPN: pet463546

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Fuel tank sealer for motorcycle bike car lawnmower petrol diesel alcohol fuel leaking repair rust