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Note from 21st of February 2015 our mail order service is TEMPORARILY unavailable until early autumn 2015 while we move to new manufacturing premises , we will be at all our usual exhibitions this year

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Aliphatic resin wood glue is a super sandable fast set yellow resin aliphatic wood glue adhesive ,used just like a PVA glue , aliphatic resin has greater resistance to water and sands giving no rubbery glue line and has a faster set due to the aliphatic resin content

Aliphatic resin glue / adhesive is the highest grade adhesive for professional wood workers

Fivestar aliphatic resin glue wood work adhesive waterproof glue is fully water proof aliphatic glues are resin based fast setting wood adhesives for use by craft, DIY, hobby, industrial or model makers etc.

The fast set of an aliphatic resin glue makes it better than a standard PVA type white wood glue, giving a stronger bond, faster, while allowing easy clean up of spilled aliphatic adhesive with a damp cloth before it drys, once dry our aliphatic resin glue ( unlike some ) is fully waterproof and fully sandable.

Fivestar aliphatic resin glue is the best adhesive for wood crafts such as wood turning etc and DIY as well as model making hobby model aeroplaanes, model boats and crafts such as dolls house construction

We have a second type of aliphatic resin glue , Our Super Aliphatic resin glue is a new thinner , penetrating aliphatic that has the same properties as the std aliphatic resin glue, but is water thin and penetrates like a superglue using its `phatic formulation` pentrates ideep ionto the fibers and bonds in 10 minutes, the superphatic is generaly used for model boats, cars and dolls houses however can be used in std applications of industrial scale woodworking