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Next events: Midlands model engineering exhibition 19th to 22nd October 2017 then the international model boat show Warwick 10,11,12th November 2017

Note from early February 2015 our mail order service is unavailable until further notice due to postage restrictions ,this website is here as a catalogue , we will be attending ALL our usual shows.

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Founded 1992 in Runcorn UK, StarLoc adhesives are the worlds premier specialist adhesives supplier,The retail department of StarLoc adhesives - Shop4glue are specialist retail suppliers of quality adhesives, part of StarLoc UK, the premier adhesive supplier

Based in the UK we supply the highest quality adhesives, rapidly, we are the UKs premier specialist in the supply of adhesives direct to user.

All our UK label adhesives (as supplied from this site) are 100% UK made by our company in the UK and posted from the UK

Shop4glue`s parent company is StarLoc FiveStar Adhesives who manufacture quality adhesives in the UK StarLoc have been manufacturing quality adhesives since the early 1990s.

Dr.William Hesketh, MD and Founder of StarLoc Adhesives UK also owns a further 3 adhesive companies for bulk interational adhesives sales with factories based in StaraZagora and Vidin in Bulgaria and Prague in the Czech republic

We formulate, manufacture and package all our adhesive products in our UK factory.  We also manufacture most of our own packaging, labels, boxes and even some of the bottles ,caps and blister packs.

Some photos of StarLoc UK 
Reactor at StarLoc for CA production Mixing Tank, mixing a batch of polymer resin solution cement
One of our 6 filling machines this one is for filling mini bottles 0-30ml in capacity Capping station on the filling machine pictured to the left
Tube filling machine for fully auto packing of plastic aluminium or laminate tubes Adhesive display boxes at the Nurenburg trade fair
Close view of adheisve display boxes manufactured at StarLoc StarLoc FiveStar distribution stand at the Nurnburg spielwarenmesse  trade fair 2005  to 2008
Gasti tube filling machine for alloy colapsible tubes
Empty alloy tubes ready for filling larger size containers for short runs are filled with a semi automatic filler.
Tube printing assembley and cap tightening machine for adhesive tubes One of our 2 Heidelberg platten printing presses, used for printing and cutting display boxes

Epoxy Resin Adhesives, from 1 min set time to slow cure, toughened and non slump gel formulas and high temperature grades

Structural Acrylic / Methacrylate Adhesives in 2 part equal mix or single part with primer/ activator

Cyanoacrylate Adhesives in ethyl, methy, butyl , allyl and alkoxyalky plus other speciality monomer base formulas , standard cure to super fast cure surface insensitive in a wide range of viscossities and gel formulas plus a wide range of colours plus toughened formulas in both black and clear formulation

Anaerobic adhesives and selants ( threadlocker, retainer and gasket /flange/thread sealer ) in a range of grades to meet standard grades available from other manufacturers

Emulsion polymer adhesives based on PVA and copolymers, Acrylate dispersions, aliphatic resins etc

Contact and Presure Sensitive Adhesives based on Neoprene, SBR and NR and acrylate bases , in solvent and waterbased formulas

Cellulose , Acrylic, rubber based synthetic cements

Solvent welding solutions for various plastics and universal formulas

Universal plastic repair packs, for bonding of difficult to bond plastics such as teflon, polyethylene and polypropylene

Specialist grade model/hobby and craft formula range also available for specific jobs on model hobby applications, foam polystyrene bonding, balsawood bonding, window bonding etc plus a range of cellulose dope / paints and thinners

We operate a wide range of processes and use a wide range of chemicals and suport products, if you want to supply us with a product you manufacture or distribute in any field that you believe we may be interested

Eg., Chemicals, resins, polymers, solvents, pigments, amines etc

Eg. Self adhesive for label production, card for box production, inks, foils for hot foil printing, die cutters

We have fully automatic filling equipment for plastic and aluminium tubes, bottles ( plastic, glass and metal ), tins , jars we are always interested in contact from suppliers of consumables for any of our processes,spare parts,  Caps Nozzle, flip cap, twist cap and flat types, syringes, twin syringes for resins, alloy collapsible tubes, plastic collapsible tubes , Jars, metal cans etc

Trademark information

Trademark / copyright information. All photos, logos, brand and product names etc are trademark (TM) / copyright (C) of FiveStar Products Distribution LTD, no part of any text / photo / branding etc may be reproduced in any form without our prior written consent,we reserve the right to charge our standard rate for unauthorised use ,per day for use of our brand names, logos or photos. we will take legal action against any breach of trademark / copyright or other interlectual property rights such as patents or product formulation / description / design or for non payment of billed amounts for unauthorised brand usage.