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150g Thin cyanoacrylate cyano glue industrial superglue Cyano adhesive super fast StarLoc FiveStar

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Thin cyanoacrylate glue , ca,  cyano glue

Thin industrial superglue with a 7 year shelf life and a non clog nozzle! 

Manufactured in the UK by FiveStar products / 5 star starloc adhesives

150g Thin cyano industrial super glue cyanoacrylate in a non clog nozzle bottle, shelf life 7 years if stored cool and dark, the ultimate brand of cyanoacrylate adhesive

This cyano adhesive bonds most surfaces such as all woods,all metals, porcelain, wood, china, stone, bone, ceramics, glass, rubber, leather, most plastics ( all plastics if used with surface primer for plastics )

Set time 0 to 3 seconds, very low viscosity wicking penetrating grade thin cyanoacrylate cyano adhesive glue , super strength with a long shelf life and ultra high performance.

Clear set adhesive with ultra high strength, suitable for almost any use...automotive, diy, craft, model making, taxidermy, fishing, wood turning, restoration etc

Technical Data

Base Chemical Ethyl Cyanoacrylate
Appearance Transparent colourless
Components single part no mixing
Viscosity Very low 1-3 cP
Shelf Life Upto 7 years in cool dark place


(Brookfield  LVF 25 °C ) mPa·s (cP):

Spindle 1, speed 30 rpm

1-3 cP
Shear Strength ISO4587 21 N/mm2 ( 3045 psi)
Specific gravity at 25 degrees C 1.05
Cure Speed once parts held in place 0.5-3 seconds
Solvent content NONE
Water Content NONE

Product has high resistance to most solvents, alcohols, water and oils with temperature resistance of -80C to + 140C
Penetrating grade thin cyano glue for extra strong bonds on most surfaces, all woods, all metals, plastics, glass, stone bone etc

GTIN: 5060287830153
MPN: CA001Z150

Our Price: £14.99
Thin cyano glue cyanoacrylate adhesive 150g  superglue by starloc fivestar cyano adhesive bonds most surfaces all metals, porcelain wood china stone bone ceramics glass rubber leather most plastics Uk made by Fivestar 5 star adhesives starloc